Archives for October 2016

You Can Help!

TJVF is currently collecting donations to install 98 Dry Erase Boards in class rooms and your donation of $250 will help to make that possible.  Simply click our Yellow DONATE button to the right and designate your “White Board “gift in the Write A Note section .  Our Students will appreciate you for it.

Volunteers Needed to Install Dry Erase Boards

TJVF plans to install 50 dry erase boards on Saturday, November 12.  We need 20 volunteers, 10 groups of 2 to carry out the installation. Each group will be responsible for 5 boards.   We can plan to work from 8AM to Noon.  The level of experience is minimal. To perform the work each group […]

Food Pantry Needs

It may be a surprise to neighbors and alumni that many TJHS students come to school hungry.  This may result in a visit the office of TJ’s resident Community In School Director asking for food to take home (especially weekends).  This has moved TJVF to work with the Director to establish a more constant supply of food for […]

TJ Gets First Ever Baseball Scoreboard

A new baseball scoreboard is now installed.  It is the first ever scoreboard in TJ’s 80 year history. A big THANK YOU to the class of 1964 and to Charlie Wingate for their donations to the Tee Jay Vikings Fund that made this long needed scoreboard possible.