I Am Forever A Viking!

I Am Forever A Viking!

The Tee Jay Vikings Fund is excited to kick off our new awareness initiative entitled,  I Am Forever A Viking! 

I Am Forever A Viking! 


This multimedia campaign features actual Thomas Jefferson High School alumni who share their experiences and how TJHS positively impacted and helped to prepare them for life.

Our hope is to spread the pride and love for TJHS throughout our community and to educate the public about the various accomplishments and projects of the Tee Jay Vikings Fund, a 501 c3 that finds funding solutions to support school excellence.

Over the years, the TJVF has awarded scholarships, purchased new computers, supported the Robotics team, purchased and installed whiteboards, the school’s marquee, football and baseball scoreboards, as well as restored the Binford mural in the library and renovated the men’s locker room. 

We hope that all alumni will always be proud to say “I Am Forever A Viking!”


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