January 14 was a great day.


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On Saturday, January 14, Tee Jay Vikings Fund, along with alumni, supporters from the neighborhood, the Museum District Association and Hope Church installed 22 dry erase boards.  This puts our total at 63 boards shy of our goal of 98 board.  The remaining boards will be purchased and installed as donations permit.  It was a successful work day where 25 volunteers worked together to promote our mission to obtain the funding and support necessary for Thomas Jefferson High School, extraordinary in the past, return to greatness once again and go forth:

  • building greater capacity in its students for leadership and personal success,
  • energizing the passion and zeal of its facility and staff,
  • providing a compelling educational option for the neighborhood and greater community
  • increasing the pride and commitment of ALL its alumni.

It was a good day and we all felt good about working with fellow supporters, felt good about our accomplishments, and look forward to bring this project to a swift conclusion.  Hope Church has donated dry erase marker for recipients of these boards.

Thank you to everyone that made the day a success.20170114_114839 photo 2

20170114_114047photo 1


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