TJVF is proud to award the TJVF Scholarships for 2016

TJVF Board member Janie Satterfield (TJ’65) and the TJVF Scholarship Committee  is proud to award the TJVF Scholarship for 2016 to Szhanesha Becoat  and the TJVF Chad Hornik Scholarship for 2016 to Zachary Smith. Each scholarship will be $500.  Congratulation graduates for a job well done and best of luck as you embark on this next exciting phase of your educational career.

TJVF makes these scholarships possible because of the generous contributions of our alumni and other supporters.  Please visit our “Dontate to Current Projects” tab to learn how you can help advance our mission to :

  • building greater capacity in its students for leadership and personal success,
  • energizing the passion and zeal of its facility and staff,
  • providing a compelling educational option for the neighborhood and greater community
  • increasing the pride and commitment of ALL its alumni.




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