UPDATE – Feeding Future Leaders

Dear Warren,

I wanted to take a moment to update you on Feeding Future Leaders. The last two weeks in August we did four pilot days and fed about 60 athletes who were practicing before school started.

This week with the start of school we fed about 115 students each day after school. It has gone really well.  We have had students from the band, cheerleading, volleyball, cross country and football. The students are wonderful and grateful, it has been a real joy to be in the school serving them.

We have had a good number of donations come in from Hope members, about $2000. Whole Foods is having a day for us on Wednesday September 21, we will receive a percentage of the receipts that day. This will be a good day to shop at Whole Foods! In addition we have partnered with Chik Fil A Willow Lawn. They are providing 75 chicken sandwiches every Tuesday and we are purchasing 75 sandwiches for a total of 150 sandwiches every Tuesday!   We have also partnered with Westwood Baptist, St Giles, and Church on the Ave to provide meals. Westwood is covering Mondays, Hope is covering Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and St.Giles and Church on the Ave is covering Thursdays. The community has really stepped up to partner with us for this project.

Please share this with your committee. Would love to have any of your team to stop by any day after school to take a look. We enter the school at 2:45 to set up and feed the students from 3-3:20 Monday – Thursday.

Thank you for your partnership,

Hope Church


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