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An economically and resource challenged city government along with an all too absent school community of nearby residences, businesses and PTA resulted in the gradual demise of a previously top school in the state. However, with changing demographics, a passionate alumni base, and lovers of traditions, there emerged a group of diverse, but like-minded champions for the school, establishing the Tee Jay Vikings Fund (TJVF) to fill the void.

The TJVF took advantage of perfect timing to change the school’s trajectory. As demographics changed, TJ’s neighborhood became younger and more concerned about the future schooling of their children and wanted to see TJHS as a compelling option. The passionate alumni from the school’s glory days were now retiring and had discretionary income to invest their interests. They desired to know how they could help. These groups had energy and assets that could be funneled into constructive improvements for the school.

Those concerned and involved with the school needed a simple, effective way to keep abreast of the school’s needs. TJVF is positioned to act as an engaged conduit of information and efforts to help fund solutions and support school excellence.


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